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Thank you for visiting the new home of ACCURATE MACHINE-MADE WEATHERSTRIPPING!

The Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Company began business as Acme Weatherstrip in 1898 in Mount Vernon, New York, and five generations of the Kammerer family made Accurate a national pioneer in the development of better, more efficient weatherstripping.  

Today, ACCURATE MACHINE-MADE WEATHERSTRIPPING carries on this proud tradition of precise manufacture to make your home, your clients' historic homes and businesses more thermally efficient.

Owned and operated by Bagala Window Works, Accurate's time-tested custom machines have relocated to Westbrook, Maine. BWW has earned its reputation as a leading window restorer and rehabilitation expert in the Northeast since 1988. Recognized by both industry insiders and consumers and the recipient of numerous awards, we now offer the ease of ordering metal weatherstripping in custom lengths quickly and safely online.

We look forward to working with you! Please contact us with any questions about your metal weatherstripping requirements.