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      The Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Company began business as Acme Weatherstrip in 1898 in Mount Vernon, New York, and five generations of the Kammerer family made Accurate a national pioneer in the development of better, more efficient weatherstripping.

      When Fred and Ron Kammerer announced their retirement from the business in 2019, they answered my call to not only meet and wish them well but to also discuss the purchase of the machines that made the weatherstrip that my company (Bagala Window Works), had depended on and been using for the past 34 years.


      Today, five of the original Accurate Brand time-tested, custom-made, roll forming machines have been purchased by Bagala Window Works (BWW), a Maine based family-owned business that has preserved and weatherstripped thousands of heritage windows and doors for customers all over the United States.
      A new business called ACCURATE MACHINE-MADE WEATHERSTRIP was founded in 2019 to preserve, maintain and continue to operate the original Accurate Roll forming machines, made by the Kammerer family.

      Please visit us when you are in the neighborhood. We would love to give you a tour of our facility and hear about your preservation adventures, which allows us to vicariously preserve many more windows and doors through your purchases and support.  
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